Forex Trading Tutorials

Forex Trading involves buying or selling of currencies in the forex market & it has become very popular in Nigeria. One of the advantages of forex over other markets is that it is open 24 hours for 5 days in a week.

In this tutorial we cover the fundamentals of forex trading for new traders. Start by reading our below guides.

What is Forex Trading?

Learn the basics of what forex trading is & how does the forex market works.

How to Trade Forex

Read our full fledged guide on how to trade forex in Nigeria.

Best time to trade Forex in Nigeria

Want to know which is the best time to trade forex in Nigeria. There are 3 major trading sessions and we have explained each of them & also the exact market hours for profitable trading.

What is leverage in Forex Trading?

Learn about what is Leverage in Forex trading and the risks of using high leverage, and how traders can effectively use it in their trading strategy.

What is spread in Forex Trading?

Know what spread is in Forex Trading. How to calculate it with a example. And why low spread matters.

No Deposit Bonus Brokers

We have compared and ranked the no deposit bonus forex brokers in Nigeria which allow Nigerian traders to start trading without any initial funding.

Best Forex Trading platforms

For our Best Trading Platform list, we compared forex brokers based on 10+ factors: metatrader platform, mobile suport, execution time and more..